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    Redline Golf respects the privacy of our customers by protecting and not selling/renting data to third parties.

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Hello golfer, something we like to share with you concerning your data
The information we, Redline Golf (NL854720625B01), situated at the Wilhelminalaan 23 in Thorn Netherlands, collect, will never be sold or rented to third parties. This concerns: sales or renting of email addresses, postal addresses or personal data like birthday, hcp registration or type of golfer (free or club golfer). Our sales model is built on selling golf balls, accessories and personalisation, not your data.

What kind of data do we store?
For bookkeeping purposes we store your data when you register and place an order. All data in your account will be stored on a server which only we have access to, no third parties whatsoever. With third parties we mean: bookkeeper, accounts, marketing, Redline Golf partners or data selling companies.

Non personal information
We make a distinction between personal and non personal data. With non personal information we mean data Facebook and Google collects through cookies, like number of visitors on our website, duration, web behavior and so on. This information will be used by us to optimize our web pages in order to give you the best information possible.

Personal information
Personal information are data which you have submitted while registering in order to process your order: company name, initials, first name, last name, gender, birthday, invoice and shipping address, country and password (which we are not able to see), hcp, type of golfer (free or club golfer). This data we only use to process your order, store for bookkeeping purposes and use for our own marketing purposes in order to inform you the best way on new product releases or temporary offers. If you have subscribed to our monthly newsletter we will inform you maximum once a month, you can always unsubcribe easily.

How secure do we store your data and do we store your credit card/bank details?
Like mentioned earlier, we don’t sell or rent your data to third partie companies. We don’t store your credit card or bank details. This data will be processed by our payment provider MultiSafePay and will be used only to process your order. We store your personal data on a whitelisted server and CMS system, which only we and our coder have access to. Our database contains control (email) addresses which enable us to check and act immediately if your data will be used for spam or other purposes, in case data get stolen.

You data will be stored for an unlimited duration. As a Dutch company, we are obliged to store our bookkeeping data for 7 years. It’s impossible for us to delete invoices with your data. However you can ask us to alter your contact details.

Yes, like all websites, we use cookies. You can disable cookies in the setting of your browser. Keep in mind that our editor to personalise golf balls online, will not work anymore.

Changes in our Privacy Statement
Redline Golf keeps the right to alter our Privacy Statement if needed. We will mention changes by e-mail if you have opt-in to our newsletter.

Image rights
Customer photos and logos are stored by our system when the order is placed and are not used for other products or purposes. The image rights of uploaded images remain the property of the customer.

Don’t agree with our privacy statement?
If you don’t want us to store your data, or if you don’t agree with our privacy statement, please send an email to [email protected].