Glow in the dark Golf balls

Rechargeable glow in the dark golf balls

The Redline glow in the dark golf ball is charged by lighting for 30 seconds with your mobile phone or with a UV flashlight for one minute. It then lights up for 10 to 15 minutes so you can play golf in the dark. You can also pre-charge the glowing ball by leaving it out in the (sun) light. Then it lights up 2 hours from the moment, putting it in the dark.

The charger for glow in the dark golf balls

The UV flashlight charges the Glow in the dark golf ball the fastest and best. With a practical chord you can hang the flashlight on your golf bag, so that other flight companions can use it. The UV flashlight comes with 3 batteries.


3 balls

€ 9,90 | £ 8.52 *


12 balls

€ 33,60 | £ 28.91 *


UV flashlight 51 LED

€ 19,95 | £ 17.17 *

€ 14,95 | £ 12.86 *in combination with glow in the dark golf balls


Additional costs personalisation

€ 1,- | £ 0.86 *