How fast do you deliver?
Within The Netherlands and Belgium we deliver within one day. Ordered before 15.00 PM, delivered the next day. Within Europe we deliver within 2 to 5 workdays. This depends on the country of delivery. UK, Austria, Danmark: 3 days, Germany: 2 days. Norway, Switserland, France, Spain and Italy 4 to 5 days. You will receive a track & trace e-mail before we ship.

What If I’m not satisfied?
As a customer you always have the right to send back a delivered product within 14 days. Your money will be refunded within 3 days of reception of the shipment. All our products have a satisfaction warranty: not satisfied, refund or another product. Do you have complaints? Let us know. There is always a way to solve your problem. Send an email to Our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

How long will the text/image on the ball be visible?
Our golf balls will be provided with text, photo or logo, if wanted. Because it is possible starting from 3 balls, we chose not to use the traditional way (pad printing), but inkjet. The golf balls are first provided with a pre-coating, then printed. Special developed ink gives the print a longer lifespan as it absorbs itself in the outer layer of the golf ball. This is a unique process as normal ink lies on top of the layer. The durability of the printing that we guarantee is 36 holes, depending of the use on the range. Hitting the print with a driver will shorten the lifespan, just face it the other way. That, you can control yourself. Starting from 312 balls we can use pad printing. Pad printing provides more stable colours and a wider printing range: 21-28mm versus 21-24 mm.

Can I buy your golf balls at golf shops?
The market in golf is very moving. Small golf shops will disappear in the future, more will be sold online or through big golf shops. To anticipate this situation we chose to sell the golf balls straight to the golfer. Which enables us to sell our golf balls at affordable prices. This saves you up to 60% compared with prices of traditional brands like Titleist, Pinnacle, Nike, Bridgestone or Callaway. Redline Golf is hence not available at golf shops.

How do I know your golf balls are good quality?
Our golf balls are produced in Asia, just like lots of big brands. The countries where high quality golf balls are made are South-Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Our factory was chosen after an intensive sourcing of two years. Our motivation for what we sell is very simple: we love golf. Eat, drink, sleep and golf so we will never sell golf balls we wouldn’t want to play with. That guarantee gives you the satisfaction warranty: Not satisfied? Refund and no questions asked!

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