• Golf ball hanger

    with 2 personalised golf balls

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Golf ball holders

A nice and affordable gift for a golfer. There are seven colors of golf ball holders: red, pink, yellow, bright green, dark blue, black and orange. You choose the color in the shopping basket.

The golf ball holder contains two Redline golf balls. When you press the green button below, you can choose the golf ball that best fits the level of the golfer. In addition to four types of Redline golf balls, there are also coloured and glow-in-the-dark golf balls.

The golf balls are printed on one side with your own photo, logo or text. You can also have the golf balls printed on two sides, then choose double-sided printing.

Moreover, the golf balls can be printed individually, they do not have to be printed in the same way. For example, you can make a longer sentence.

Delivery within 1 to 2 days to Belgium and Netherlands and 2 to 7 days within the rest of Europe.

starting at € 14,50 | £ 12.46 *

(pick a type of golf ball in stap 1 and a hanger in stap 2)
4P golf ball hanger

4P golf ball holder

A golf ball holder that can hold four golf balls. Each ball can be printed separately (you can choose this option in step 3 in the editor). The price depends on the ball choice in step 1.

from € 23,95 | £ 20.58 *