T-Rex Tour. World’s most affordable tour ball.

Best price € 2,50

Developed for: single hcp player, teaching pro and tour player


delivered within 2 to 5 days

Play the line. Improve your game.

Use the red line we developed for putting. It will improve your game with 2 to 3 strokes.

What other golfers say…

Last weekend I won the Tilburg Open with a round 70 (-2) at Prise D’eau. Of course I played T-Rex Tour. What a great ball.

The T-Rex tour is awesome; longest drive of 270 mtrs! All approaches within 1 feet of the pitch mark!

The T-Rex suits me fine. Great bite. Looks a lot like the ProV1. Played with it for the first time at the Golf Soccer Masters.

I wouldn’t want another golf ball anymore. Really, the T-Rex is and affordable and a ball that performs like they say at Redline. Super control at the green, lots of length.

After I ordered two dozen of T-rex balls my score improved even though I am a teaching pro. After all those years my bag is finally in balance. Lovely ball!

I’ve done my first rounds. I have to say I’m impressed by the T-Rex balls. Durable and a soft feeling at the short game.

I had heard a lot about the T-Rex Tour. Amazing ball (and price). Reason enough for us to give them to business relations. Evidently with the logo of the Europeesche.

  • Developed for

    Single handicap players

  • Performance

    Lots of spin and distance. Amazing bite on the green due to the sticky (urethane) coating.

  • Features

    • 4 piece ball with
    • Cast Urethane cover. Produces more “grab” and helps to provide amazing backspin.
    • HPF 2000 Inner Mantle along with a Multi-Blend Ionomer outer Mantle promotes a high initial velocity and optimizes the launch angle to generate lower spin for longer distance off the driver.
    • High-Energy Core. Progressive ND High-Energy Core Technology maximizes the C.O.R. and creates more distance.
    • Multi-Blend Ionomer.

  • Similar to

    • Titleist Pro V1
    • Srixon Z-star XV
    • Nike 20XI-X
    • Bridgestone Tour B330